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New FM5 Signal Eases Traffic

Posted 09/14/2016

As East Parker County continues to grow, so does the traffic.  However, Hudson Oaks is turning dirt on multiple projects in order to stay ahead of the traffic curve.  The new traffic signal at FM5 and Interstate 20 improves the daily commute for a significant number of residents who live Hudson Oaks, Willow Park, Annetta North, Annetta, and Annetta South.  The FM5 intersection is scheduled to be widened starting in 2018 “but after speaking with people who sat at the FM5 stop sign for 15 minutes on their daily commute, we worked with our local TxDOT office and pushed for the installation of traffic signals prior to the widening project” stated Hudson Oaks Mayor Pat Deen. 

The growth in Hudson Oaks in undeniable and “it is the responsibility of elected officials to work together to ease the burden of growth on our residents”.  Hudson Oaks currently has over $60 million dollars in regional transportation projects underway or slated to begin in the next two years through partnerships with TxDOT and Parker County.  “Although the new signal at FM5 is a small project, it brings significant relief to the residential development occurring in our neighboring communities.  With over 80,000 cars per day in Hudson Oaks, we will continue to look outside our 2.5 miles and partner with neighboring communities to plan for growth”.

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