Oykey Corridor Concept Plan

The following documents comprise the exhibits related to the Oykey Corridor Concept Plan that were presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission on August 12, 2014. All exhibits should be considered preliminary. Their purpose is to provide a visual representation that can guide discussion of possible zoning changes along Oykey Trail. This plan is conceptual in nature and does not represent regulatory approval.

The exhibits include the following:

  1. Development concept and aerial map
    This exhibit shows the development concept and a discussion of some of the design elements that were considered.

  2. Typical Street Segment
    This exhibit outlines a proposed cross-section of Oykey Trail under the concept plan. The orientation of this graphic is facing east (the north side of Oykey is on the left side of the page).

  3. Street Level Graphics
    This exhibit shows two street level depiction of the concept plan. The first faces east toward Lakeshore Drive, while the second faces west toward Midway Lane.