Welcome to the City of Hudson Oaks transparency portal. Here, you'll find information about the City's finances as well as how to connect with staff and elected officials. If you have any questions, or would like to see more information on this page, please contact us at 682-229-2400.

Transparency Website

The Hudson Oaks Financial Transparency Site is now available, and contains a wide variety of financial data. 

The Hudson Oaks Pension Transparency Site is now available, and contains a wide variety of information regarding the City's pension plan.

The Hudson Oaks Debt Transparency Site is now available, and contains all the debt obligations for the City as well as what the money was used for.

Financial Summary

Below you can find links to reports located in the City's OpenGov transparency site. You can also find a lot of other good information there as well. Please take some time to look around!

Annual Operating Budgets

The budget is a financial plan for the fiscal year of operations that matches all planned revenues and expenditures with the services provided to the residents of the City, based on established budgetary policies. The City is committed to setting community goals, performance measures, and priorities to convert taxpayer requests and resources into government services and expenditures that support the needs and desires of its citizens. 

Annual Financial Reports

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is published to provide the City Council, citizens, bondholders, City staff, and other interested parties with audited detailed information concerning the financial condition and activities of the City government. The report contains a balance sheet, a statement of changes in net position, a statement of revenues and expenditures, and a comparison of budgeted to actual expenditures and revenue. The report also contains statistical data and other information of interest.

Check Registers

The following link displays all payments incurred since FY12, including payments via ACH, bank draft or wire transfer. Totals are shown in the charts provided on the page and are automatically updated based on the currently defined filters.

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