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We are in the process of initiating planning efforts for the future of our city, and we are excited to kick these planning efforts off with gathering some initial community feedback on what issues need to be addressed and what things we can build on to improve our quality of life.  The feedback and ideas gathered from this survey will be analyzed to guide a new Strategic Plan for the City Council and to set a baseline for future surveys and plans.

This survey takes less than 10 minutes and we invite residents, customers, businesses, and frequent visitors in Hudson Oaks to participate.

"We are excited to kick off the community engagement process. The 2020 Community Survey will allow us to understand and analyze many different viewpoints and opinions from current residents, bussiness owners, and visitors. This is a wonderful opportunity to allow us to grow together as a community in a successful way. I appreciate everyone, in advance, for your commitment to Hudson Oaks in providing valued feedback for our City's future."  - Mayor Marc Povero

Click here to start the survey now!

The survey will be available through September 5, 2020.


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