The Dyegard water system was acquired from the City of Willow Park in 2004. It serves the neighborhoods of Stone Creek Farms and Oak View Estates, which are both outside the city limits of Hudson Oaks. 


Although the Dyegard and Hudson Oaks water systems have achieved a greater level of interconnection in recent years, they are two separate systems with their own rate tables and budgets. The Dyegard system's budget is almost exclusively comprised of debt service related to the purchase of the system.  Although the Dyegard system receives staff support from the Hudson Oaks water system, it does not directly pay for any staff costs.

Rate Structure

Since the Dyegard system's budget is mostly debt service, the cost structure for this system is more fixed than the Hudson Oaks system. In other words, there is less variability owing to consumption levels, since a larger percentage of the budget is based on a fixed debt service schedule.

As a result, Dyegard customers have a higher monthly meter charge, or base rate, than customers of the Hudson Oaks system. As of 2019, the volume-based rates are the same for both the Dyegard and Hudson Oaks systems.

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