Hudson Oaks is committed to improving the visual aesthetic of our city, both in our neighborhoods as well as our commercial districts. 

Strategic Plan Elements

Our 2018 Strategic Plan includes several goals specifically geared toward keeping Hudson Oaks beautiful, from using overlay zoning to create consistency of appearance in development to creating a citywide trail connectivity plan and expanding amenities.

Code Enforcement

In addition to the development of new features and guidelines, we also strive to keep our existing neighborhoods beautiful. Code enforcement is performed by the Hudson Oaks Police Department, and covers issues including high grass, trash/debris, and more. If you need to submit a code enforcement request, you may use the form below.

City Action Request Form

Reach out

Here in the city of Hudson Oaks, we pride ourselves in our community. Whether you're looking to join our community or you've been here for years, use the form below to let us know if there is anything we can do to make our city better.