Direct access to City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission documents can be downloaded from this page.

City Council Documents

05/18/2022 agenda

04/28/2022 agenda minutes

03/24/2022 agenda minutes

03/04/2022 agenda minutes

02/24/2022 agenda (canceled)

01/27/2022 agenda minutes

12/14/2021 agenda minutes

11/18/2021 agenda minutes

10/28/2021 agenda minutes

09/28/2021 agenda minutes

09/23/2021 agenda minutes

08/26/2021 agenda minutes

07/13/2021 agenda minutes

05/27/2021 agenda minutes

04/22/2021 agenda minutes

03/25/2021 agenda minutes

02/25/2021 agenda minutes

01/28/2021 agenda minutes

Planning & Zoning Commission Documents

05/17/2022 agenda

04/12/2022 agenda

03/08/2022 agenda minutes

01/11/2022 agenda minutes

12/14/2021 agenda minutes

11/09/2021 agenda minutes

08/10/2021 agenda minutes

06/08/2021 agenda minutes

05/11/2021 agenda minutes

04/20/2021 agenda minutes

03/09/2021 agenda minutes

01/12/2021 agenda minutes

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