The Hudson Oaks Code of Ordinances is codified once a year through Franklin Legal Publishing and is  available here

The most recent codified version includes all changes through 08/22/2019.  All code changes and additions approved since 08/22/2019 are listed below:  

Ordinance Adoption Summary
2019-12 9/26/2019 Amending Section 11.04.002, Hotel Occupancy Tax rate.
2019-15 11/21/2019 Adopting an amendment to the fee schedule for Accessory Buildings and Solar Panels
2020-01 01/23/2020 Amending Article 5.04 "Fireworks"
2020-02 01/23/2020 Repealing Division 2, Article 8.05 regarding Juvenile Curfew
2020-03 01/23/2020 Specific Use Permit to allow for a "Package Liquor Store" at 100 Hudson Oaks Drive
2020-05 02/27/2020 Amending Article 12.03 "Parking, Stopping and Standing"
2020-06 5/28/2020 Repealing Section 3.14.007 of the Code of Ordinances, related to the 2003 Uniform Sign Code
2020-09 5/28/2020 Specific Use Permit to allow for a "mother in law quarters/guest house" at 201 Red Eagle Trail
2020-11 7/23/2020 Specific Use Permit to allow for a "Religious Institution" at 1000 Cinema Drive
2020-13 8/27/2020 FY2020-2021 Adopted Budget
2020-14 9/24/2020 Designating an official newspaper

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