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The Hudson Oaks Code of Ordinances is codified once a year through Franklin Legal Publishing and is  available here

The most recent codified version includes all changes through 08/26/2021.  All code changes and additions approved since 08/26/2021 are listed below:  

Ordinance Adoption Summary
2021-24 09/23/2021 Providing for the designation of an official newspaper
2021-25 09/23/2021 Adopting amendments to the operating budget for FY2021
2021-26 10/28/2021 Annexing 2.207 acres of city owned property into the City of Hudson Oaks
2021-27 11/18/2021 Voluntarily annexing 1.693 acres into the City of Hudson Oaks
2021-28 11/18/2021 Establishing an initial zoning of "SF-2A" for newly annexed property
2021-29 11/18/2021 Readopting the fee schedule and amending the sections related to impact fees

For inquiries about having chickens please call City Hall at 682-229-2400. 

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