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The importance of city planning can never be overstated. Planning provides for the protection of private property and ensures future development occurs in a coordinated and organized fashion, consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. The future of Hudson Oaks will be shaped by the policies and recommendations found in the 2012 Comprehensive Plan.

Community Snapshot

Hudson Oaks and Parker County have experienced robust growth over the past few decades, coinciding with the fast population growth of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. Hudson Oaks is situated in a prime location to capitalize on rapid regional growth that will facilitate the need for additional retail, commercial, and office uses to support a growing population.

Community Vision

Establishing a standard for development is key to the responsible growth of a city. Hudson Oaks has identified the highest and lowest preferred development standards by holding public meetings, receiving public input, and identifying perceived issues.

Community Character

Hudson Oaks extensively studied current and projected land use and worked with all stakeholders to establish context-sensitive solutions for maintaining long-term neighborhood vitality. These solutions can be seen in the implementation phase of the plan by establishing green space, livable environments, and development standards to encourage sustainable commercial development.


The culmination of the previous three sections, the implementation plan brings together all community input and establishes recommendations for reaching the community's goals.

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