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Step 1: Feasibility

How we'll help you
  • Give us a call at (682) 229-2400 to discuss the proposed project, and our staff will provide you the steps that need to be taken before the commencement of the project
What you'll receive
  • After talking with our staff, you will be given the appropriate permit application with a checklist outlining requirements for submittal and fees associated with the project

Step 2: Applications

How we'll help you
  • The operations coordinator will answer questions related to the application and attachments. You will be informed of any missing documentation. After all the documentation is received, the application will be reviewed by the approver based on project type (see table below)
Application Approval
Mother-in-law suite P&Z, Council, Bureau Veritas
*Accessory Buildings, Fence, & Sign Administration
**Replat, Variances, Zoning, & S.U.P City Secretary, P&Z, and Council
All other applications Bureau Veritas (14 Days)

*Accessory buildings without electric/plumbing 

  • After the submission of a completed application a review will be conducted by the city staff
  • Complete applications will be reviewed within a 15-day period
  • Re-submittals are required for denied/incomplete projects
  • **Development applications for plats, specific use permits (S.U.P), variances, and zoning must be approved before applicants can proceed with building permits submittals
What you'll receive
  • Approved project plans
  • A notice outlining next steps in the process
  • A basecamp file specific for your project (commercial projects only)

Step 3: Pre-construction

How we'll help you
  • The pre-construction phase includes the submission & approval of development contracts and a pre-construction meeting with the city administrator (if applicable)
  • We will provide the applicant a clear direction on their remaining requirements for construction
What you'll receive
  • Information regarding project
  • Executed development contracts (if applicable)
  • Notice to proceed with project

Step 4: Permits, Construction, Inspections

How we'll help you
  • Once the permits are issued, construction may commence, and inspections will be conducted by the designated inspector
  • Be sure to call the phone number at the bottom of your permit to schedule an inspection
What you'll receive
  • Walk-through and inspection
  • Inspection results: If passed, you will be given approval of inspection | If failed, you will be given a report over corrections needed to pass next inspection

Step 5: Project Completion

How we'll help you
  • The inspector will conduct a final inspection once the project is completed
  • After the building inspection passes, you may add your stock & furniture prior to calling city staff to schedule your final certificate of occupancy inspection (if applicable)
What you'll receive
  • Certificate of Occupancy (if applicable)

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