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Here at Hudson Oaks, we pride ourselves in being transparent with our residents as well as being business-friendly. With that being said, check out our new interactive map!

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In order to help with orderly growth and development, Hudson Oaks has adopted a zoning code which determines the types of development that may occur in different parts of the city. A variety of zoning districts exist to meet the needs of different development types.

Residential Zoning Districts

Code Description
SF-1AP Single family
SF-32 Single family (3/4 acre)
SF-2A Single family (2 acre)
SF-15 Single family (small lot)
MF Multi-Family
HUD Manufactured Housing

Commercial Districts

Code Description
GC General Commercial
RC Restricted Commercial
I Industrial
LI Light Industrial

Planned Development Districts

Code Description
PD-IA Industrial Airport
PD-OC Oakey Corridor
PD-VAO Village at Oakridge
PD-BW Pathfinder Brewery
PD-CS Creekside
PD-EHO Elan Hudson Oaks District

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