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Open records requests filed under the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) may be made to any employee of the City of Hudson Oaks. All employees are obliged to present a formal public information request to the individual responsible for determining whether any information is available that is responsive to the request. The City has 10 business days from the date the request was submitted to respond. 

All requests are subject to fees set by the Attorney General's Office and adopted by City CouncilFor more information on how the City Secretary's Office handles requests for public information, please visit the website of the Attorney General of Texas.

Before submitting a request...

Please review our website to determine if the information is already available. The following items can be found on our website:

  • Agendas
  • Minutes
  • Ordinances
  • Resolutions
  • Public Notices
  • Budgets and Financial Reports
  • Water Quality Reports
  • Comprehensive Plans

If you are unable to find what you're looking for, please use the form below to submit a request. We will follow up with you as soon as is practicable.

Open Records Request Form

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