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  • Commercial Permit Application
  • Residential Permit Application
  • Miscellaneous Permit Application
  • Fire Permit Application
  • Alcohol Permit Application
  • OSSF Permit Application
  • Specific Use Permit Application

    The Specific Use Permit process is required when certain land uses are allowed, but not permitted by-right. Examples of land uses requiring Specific Use Permits include: A garage apartment in a single-family zoning district, an assisted living facility in a commercial zoning district, a veterinarian office in a restricted commercial zoning district, and a drive-in/drive-thru restaurant. If you need a Specific Use Permit, you must fill out the SUP application. Specific Use Permits require hearings with the Planning & Zoning Commission, with final approval considered by the City Council.

  • Special Event Temporary Food Permit Application

    The City does not currently charge a permit fee to use the city park for community events. If you would like to host a community event in our park, please contact us at 682-229-2411. Events for profit or vendors are not allowed in the park without a temporary event permit or City approval. Small parties and gatherings are allowed in the park on a first-come, first-serve basis and do not require a temporary event permit. If you'd like to be a vendor for Boomin' 4th, you must fill out an online application at Application fees range from $0 (non-profit) to $250 (food service) and are due upon approval of your application. Applications are typically accepted from late winter/early spring until shortly before July 4th. Foodservice inspections are performed on the day of the event. Exhibitors for Craft & Cork are curated by City staff for the event. Craft beer, wine, and Chef exhibitor applications are reviewed and hand-picked for the event. For inquiries about becoming an exhibitor, please contact us at 682-229-2411.

  • Food Establishment Permit Application
  • Ice Cream Truck & Mobile Food Vendor Registration

    Ice Cream Trucks, as defined by City Ordinance 2021-11, are allowed in residential zoning districts. Ice cream trucks must register and be inspected by our City Health Inspector annually. The annual registration fee for ice cream trucks is $75. Mobile food vendors are only allowed inside the city for approved temporary events and special events (see applications listed on this page for temporary permits). All mobile food vendors must register and be inspected by our City Health Inspector annually. The annual registration fee is $75. To register an ice cream truck or mobile food truck, please contact the City Secretary at (682) 229-2411 or

  • Solicitor Permit Application

    To apply for a solicitor permit please contact the City Secretary at (682) 229-2411 or If you have ever been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, or ordinance violation (other than traffic violations) please specify the date, location, charge, and disposition of the offense(s) when filling out your application.

Contractor Registration

Prior to the start of any permitted construction, any third-party contractors must be registered with the City. Registration is free, and allows the City to verify that all contractors are licensed (when applicable) and insured. Please download and fill out the form below, you will email the form along with your contractor license and insurance to

Permit Fee Schedule

The Hudson Oaks Fee Schedule is adopted as Appendix B to the City's Code of Ordinances. It covers fees for a variety of items. Click the link below for a downloadable fee schedule. 

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