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Approved October 2017

In spite of size and limitations as a general law municipality, Hudson Oaks will capitalize on its location, cooperative political environment, and professional staff to tackle a focused set of priorities:

Objective 1

First, Hudson Oaks will do everything possible to ensure the City has sufficient funding sources for road construction (so the community has infrastructure to support Economic Development) and amenities. In particular, Hudson Oaks will:

  • Seek to leverage HEB's eventual pull/radius to generate additional sales and occupancy tax revenues by targeting:
    • destination restaurants (which are becoming retail's anchor),
    • unique, perhaps boutique or destination, hotels, and
    • bed and breakfast hotel options.
  • Team with Parker County to reconstruct existing roads built with poor specifications by exploring whether Parker County may also assist with road maintenance to increase perception of consistency, and to show multi-governmental unity.
Objective 2

Answer Hudson Oaks' citizens' demands for amenities.

  • Connect as much of the City as possible with trails.
  • Foster multimodal possibilities with options for biking and pedestrian travel.
  • Pursue public/private partnerships for parks, fields, and playgrounds.
    • Ask HEB and other businesses that follow them
    • Seek to negotiate these partnerships prior to announcement, location, and construction, so Hudson Oaks may foster P3 habits among future corporate partners.
  • Overcome the double-edges sword of sales tax dependence by attempting to work with the Texas Legislature to explore a statutory, dedicated transportation fee (as is being allowed to municipalities in other states)
  • Eventually grow to home rule status by allowing for appropriately located and well-defined density:
    • Encourage (and perhaps even incentivize) multi-story, mixed use projects to both "grow the city business-wise" and create additional age-in-place or millennial housing options built with sewer.
    • Support development of live/work units that capitalize on the NextLink internet partnership/delivery.
    • Grow Hudson Oaks' daytime population specifically in support of restaurants.
Objective 3

Take Hudson Oaks' brand strength even higher.

  • Find a way to capitalize on Hudson Oaks' desire and opportunity to build a "consistency of appearance".
    • First, give legs to the desired appearance, and develop associated codes, overlays, and/or design guidelines if necessary. Work in partnership with Parker County, Weatherford & Aledo ISD, and Weatherford College with the understanding that "people support what they help create."
    • Communicate resulting expectations with Parker County, Weatherford & Aledo ISD, and Weatherford College.
    • Explore a common set of building, road, and landscape maintenance standards across all three levels of government, so these entities are united and on the same page about funding and implementation.
    • Model consistency of appearance for private residents/corporate citizens; begin to annually recognize elite standards of appearance.
  • Work/team up with Weatherford & Aledo ISD and Weatherford college.
    • Find common branding ground/association at every opportunity - and celebrate it. Commit to advertising in ISD and College programs for this purpose.
    • Ensure that the next WISD high school has the Hudson Oaks name, recognizing the increased marketing and awareness it will generate for the City.

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