Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 9:00 PM

Public works crews have all water plants back online and the overhead storage tank is slowly gaining supply. Frozen lines are preventing full service restoration but neighborhoods should have minimal water flow. Red Eagle ranch is the neighborhood furthest away from the tank, and will be impacted for the longest duration as the tank fills. During this time, while the overhead storage tank is replenishing, please use water as sparingly as you can. More water in the tower means more pressure and better system efficiency. 

As the system begins to pressurize and pipes thaw in the coming days, please leave faucets open to relieve pressure on frozen pipes and keep an eye out for leaks. Frozen pipes are anticipated. If you experience brown water or sediment, allow the water to run and it will eventually flush out. Again though, please use water only as needed. I know you have been continually asked to conserve, but conservation is key right now.

I want to thank all of you receiving this message for your patience throughout this historic, unprecedented time. Your grace is appreciated. Thank you.


Wednesday, February 17, 2020 at 9:30 AM


Public works crews are working diligently to do two things this morning: the first is get water supply established to a normal flow and the second is to get pressure to customers. Crews are currently working to warm and thaw wells which supply water to the city and have slowed down or frozen from the weather. An electrical issue is also currently being mitigated which will help pump water into the overhead storage tank, which will restore pressure to the system.

Ground storage tanks supplied water to the system overnight but have since been depleted. Once the wells are operating at normal capacity and the electrical issue at the plant is resolved, water service will be on track to return as normal.

We ask for your patience and grace as we work as quickly as possible to restore water service. Please send this message to your neighbors and friends who are also affected, and email if you want to sign up for blackboard notifications.



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