The Finance Department is responsible for managing the city's accounting, budget, and treasury functions. This includes day-to-day processes such as accounts receivable/payable, journal entries, budget management, and investments. It also handles the city's bi-weekly payroll process.

What we do

  • Accounting

    All transactions are reviewed to ensure they are timely and properly recorded. Monthly bank reconciliation ensures that funds all are property accounted for.

  • Budgeting

    We develop the annual budget and ensure departments stay within their allocated amounts.

  • Purchasing

    Although most purchasing is decentralized, we do oversee departmental purchasing procedures to ensure compliance with applicable state and local law.

  • Treasury Management

    We manage the investments, cash holdings, and debt service payments.

  • Utility Billing & Customer Service

    We handle billing and customer support for utility customers of the Hudson Oaks and Dyegard water systems, as well as for the city trash, sewer, and stormwater utilities.

  • Payroll

    We manage the city's bi-weekly payroll processes.

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Where to find us

City Hall

210 Hudson Oaks Drive
Hudson Oaks, TX 76087

Who to ask for

Sterling Naron
City Administrator
Hayden Brodowsky
Director of Operations
Brandi Adkins
Administrative Assistant

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