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Interactive City & Zoning Map
Zoning Map, Active Permits, Apply for a Permit, City Limits, and ETJ.
How to set up utility services
A step-by-step guide for opening a utility account
How can I get involved?
Learn about the various boards and commissions on which you can serve.
Apply for a Permit
Hudson Oaks would like to introduce the new online permitting software with MyGov, we ask that contractors and applicants submit for permits online.
How to pay my utility bill?
We offer several options to pay your utility bills
How to close my utility account
Learn about the steps to take in order to close out your utility account
2012 Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan guides our decisions around growth, development, and financial investment.
Animal Control
Animal control services are provided via contract by the City of Weatherford
Current Water Restrictions
Up-to-date information about the City's current water restrictions
Street Maintenance Program
Details on how we determine which streets to repair and when
Branch Out Newsletter Series
The Branch Out Newsletter gets mailed out every month with utility bills
2020 Hudson Oaks Annual Water Quality Report
Action Requests
Use this form to submit a request to the City; including vacation patrol
Dyegard Water Rates
Information for Dyegard customers about their water rates
Emergency Notifications/Alerts
We use Blackboard Connect for callouts and emergency notifications
Future City Trail Plans
Holiday Safety Tips
Quick tips for being safer around the holidays
How is my utility bill calculated?
Learn how your water consumption impacts your utility bill
Hudson Oaks Family of Businesses
Support our family of businesses in Hudson Oaks!
Managing the deer population
Learn how we are trying to humanely manage deer overpopulation in Hudson Oaks
Residential Trash & Recycling
Information about our trash and recycling programs
Residential Water Rates
Information for residents about their water rates
Smart Irrigation Program
The Smart Irrigation Program provides up to $200 per customer for those that install an approved Smart Irrigation Controller.
Splash Kingdom Resident Passes
Hudson Oaks residents can purchase up to four (4) season passes at a discounted rate
Stormwater Utility Fee
The stormwater utility provides a dedicated funding source for drainage related issues
Swimming Pools
A permit is required when having a Swimming pool built.
Parker County Convenience Center
2020 Hudson Oaks Dyegard Annual Water Quality Report
PLAN COHO 2021 - Comprehensive Plan Update
2020 Community Survey
The City of Hudson Oaks is asking for your input now!

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