Loss of P&Z Chairman

June 29th, 2016

Tim Carter, the longtime Chairman of the Hudson Oaks Planning and Zoning Commission passed away on Saturday, June 25, 2016. Tim Carter was appointed to the Hudson Oaks Planning Commission in 2002, selected as the Vice Chair in 2004, and became the Board Chairman in 2005 until his passing. Tim dedicated a significant amount of his personal time to serving his community. In 2010 he led the Hudson Oaks Comprehensive Planning Committee, worked on the Parker County Transportation Bond Committee in 2008, assisted the Hudson Oaks Volunteer Fire Department, and spent countless hours working with Hudson Oaks staff and developers to better his City.

“Tim was a personal friend and neighbor that I will dearly miss. He had a generous and giving spirit, and freely gave his time to help others.” stated Mayor Pat Deen

In recent years Tim Carter worked to establish uniform commercial construction standards, landscaping requirements, and improve the overall aesthetics of Hudson Oaks. His leadership will continue to be noticed in the construction of the Oykey Corridor and the future retail development at Hudson Oaks Drive and US180.

“Tim played a pivotal role in the growth of Hudson Oaks. I will miss both his friendship and his example of public service” Patrick Lawler, City Administrator.

Tim Carter leaves behind his loving wife, a daughter, his mother and a grandmother, brothers, nieces, a nephew, plus a close knit Hudson Oaks community. His family will hold a private memorial service.

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