H-E-B Announces Hudson Oaks Store

December 18th, 2017

The City of Hudson Oaks is excited to announce that H-E-B Grocery has issued notice to proceed on a new store location in Hudson Oaks, and has released its plans for expansion into Parker County. The new store will be located at the corner of US 180 and Hudson Oaks Drive (formerly Lakeshore Drive), and is expected to draw visitors to Hudson Oaks from across Parker County and beyond.

"This is a landmark day for Hudson Oaks," said Mayor Pat Deen. "H-E-B is a model organization with excellent leadership and a desire to be a great community partner." H-E-B, through its Central Market brand, has been a sponsor of various community events since 2015.

"I would like to personally thank the management and development teams at H-E-B for their continued support of Hudson Oaks," said Deen. "Located at the corner of US 180 and Hudson Oaks Drive, the addition of H-E-B will be a critical element in the transformation of both the US 180 and the Oakey Trail corridors."

H-E-B expects to open its new Hudson Oaks location in 2019.

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